When the Student is Ready, The Teacher Appears.

Or as others have quoted it, “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.”

This phrase is a proverb of how things work that has long been touted in the circles of the consciousness community.

Certainly, it is true that readiness is an important part of learning. After all, life is a series of lessons. From the moment you are born, you begin to learn.

But learning happens on multiple levels because you are a multidimensional being. Much of what you experience requires interpretation. It is in the interpretation that the art of life is demonstrated. Your perspective is of paramount importance. Another popular expression that outlines this truth is:

It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.         - Epictetus

Every situation and circumstance in life involve both the stimulus of the event and your interpretation and response to it. It is in the response that deep learning takes place. It is in understanding how to incorporate the situation into your life, especially in your dominant thoughts and emotions, that guidance and coaching are most useful.

This is why the technique of “reframing” can be such a powerful dynamic. It is a potent tool that can be used when activating the principle that "energy follows thought" or “mood follows action”.

Life is a magnificent adventure. And there is a direct relationship between what you choose to take from it and what you choose to give. This makes every circumstance and every situation have the possibility to bring you more of what you want in life, or make it harder to achieve.

Living consciously becomes a powerful tool you can wield to create the life of your dreams. There is a multitude of techniques and significant ways that you can use the power of your mind to ignite the Law of Attraction to bring what you want into your life. This is likewise true of wielding the potential of the principle that “energy follows thought.”

What you spend the energy of your thoughts on is an important choice that has far-reaching results. You can choose to let fear limit your life, or you can choose to transcend, transmute and surrender those fearYou can choose to spend your time dreaming and envisioning the life you desire, or you can spin on the wheel of worry and self-doubt.

These are the choices being offered to you every single day. These are choices that you make minute to minute and day to day. These are the choices that have significant influence in what you create and what you experience in life.

There are many choices that you may have made in the past that might make choosing harder, but the key to that statement is in the past. Right now is a new opportunity to choose differently. NOW it is possible to take hold of the reigns of your life. Now is the time that you can decide to be the cause, the orchestrator of your life. And you can choose to release your fears and empower your life.

You don’t have to limit your life with fear. You don’t have to waste your precious resources by worrying. The opportunity to change your life and bring to it what you actually want comes to you with every new moment, every thought and every intention. You can change your life in a split second when you change your mind.

For most people, their negative thoughts, fears, and  worries are just bad habits. And, most importantly can be changed. Limiting beliefs are just that, beliefs. Amazingly, you can change your mind and as a result, change your life. This is a gift of living.

You can re-interpret or re-frame every negative situation, and every experience you have ever had.

You can cling to your past mistakes and failures because they are familiar and what is familiar often becomes comfortable. Or you can grow, you can change, you can decide to live a more fulfilling and fruitful life. You can seize the new possibility that each new dawn brings.

For many to have a teacher or coach is helpful. I too have grown from the insights of my teachers and coaches. Now I spend much of my life in that role for many individuals who desire a different life, a better life.

Justine Divett