A Yoga Mat For Pet Lovers!

My friend Moira Lynch recently launched the only yoga mat designed for people who are as passionate about their pets as they are about their exercise practice. Colorful and completely customizable, DownDog yoga mats enable you to inspire your exercise routine with photos of your four-legged friends.  

By visiting mydowndog.com you can easily upload your favorite pics from your photo library, Instagram or Facebook account to a colorful yoga mat template to create a meaningful foundation for fitness and fun. (You also have the option of choosing a standard yoga mat featuring the most popular dog breeds or a cat mat.)

 The mats are printed in New England with solar-powered presses and shipped to customers in all 50 states within 7-10 business days. Best of all, DownDog is an official Business Ambassador for the ASPCA, supporting their work to find loving homes for millions of dogs and cats across America.

The DownDog brand fills a substantial void in the booming yoga industry. Whereas the most recognizable yoga mat brands place a focus on sustainability and earth justice, DownDog is firmly planted in the pet-first, animal justice arena. Did you know that although more than 65% of U.S. households have pets, about 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year because shelters are too full and there aren't enough adoptive homes? By partnering with ASPCA, DownDog hopes to change that.

 Moira tells me that the inspiration for the DownDog brand came from her own rescue pups and yoga practice. At the studio one day, she rolled out her mat and noticed her dog’s fur all over it. As she dipped into Downward-Facing-Dog position, she was thinking about how much love she has for her fur babies when the dots all just connected. It was the kind of ‘Eureka!’ idea she knew she wanted to share with the world.

 In fact, the logo for the brand is based on Moira’s dog Otis, a mixed-breed mutt with a distinctive black eye patch. This logo, combined with easy customization, bold colors and a powerful cause make DownDog stand out in a sea of look-alike yoga mat brands.

The mats are a great way to infuse fitness with character and fun and although the DownDog brand is geared toward pet lover, you can upload photos of anything that inspires you. Check out the website at mydowndog.com. Bow to the Wow!




Justine Divett