About Me

I learned at a young age that unhealthy food could be a reward for my unresolved inner pain and as a result I experienced my own struggles with disordered eating. This included calorie restriction, binging, compulsive exercising and other self-destructive behaviors.

Through hard work and help from others I learned how to be free of my unhealthy cravings and the critical and negative self talk which accompanies bad food choices and unhealthy body image.  I know what it’s like to view food as either good or bad. I know what it’s like to struggle with self-esteem and the confusion around what to eat and what not to eat and how to make sense of the latest fads and trends in diet and exercise. I REALLY KNOW what a miserable waste of life food and body image obsession can be!  It can shatter your hopes and dreams and rob you of the vibrant life you so deserve.

As a wellness coach, I love helping clients customize their lifestyle to enhance their health and well-being. I am uniquely qualified to support those who want to move towards a whole foods, plant-centered diet. This type of diet reduces chronic inflammation, optimizes nutrition and boosts vitality throughout the body. 

It’s because of all my experiences; my successes, my failures and learning to love and advocate for myself that I am now able to share my gifts with the world through health and wellness coaching. I believe that each of us is here for his or her own purpose with gifts that we must share into the world. Who are you to be small?

Disclaimer: JLD Coaching (Justine Divett)  provides education, guidance and support, as well as information related to individual health and holistic goals and concerns.  While holistic care and nutrition can be complementary to professional medical care, holistic health care is not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or care of a disease or condition by a medical provider.  Justine is not a physician, health care professional or a registered nutritionist.  Holistic health care evaluation, consultation and coaching are not intended for the diagnosis of a disease or condition, and any assessment tools are intended solely as a guide to developing an appropriate health program, set goals, and to monitor progress.