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    Janine Davis - Hudson Institute Executive Coach, Crazy Dog Lady

    First and foremost, I love dogs and I hate beets.

    I'm a Hudson-certified Executive Coach, a certified EQ Mentor and a member of ICF. I'm proud to be partnered with Evolution, which is specifically focused on leadership and culture coaching for startups. Since one job is not nearly enough, I’m also the startup founder of Fetch Recruiting & Advisors, focused on Executive Recruiting & Consulting for Silicon Beach. I’m heavily involved in LA’s startup ecosystem, and do Pitch Coaching, Startup Advising and Mentoring. I provide consulting services for my clients with engagements primarily focused on the establishment of best practices for team management & motivation, recruiting, on-boarding, employer branding, culture and retention.

    My coaching practice includes both individual leadership coaching, as well as team culture coaching, primarily for startups between Seed and Series B. However, I also have clients working in much larger organizations. I’ve always had a natural curiosity about people, which allows me to be open to what’s really there. I’m driven by what’s real, and helping others to find their creativity, passion and purpose. I’m big on aligning core values with day to day life, both work and personal.

    I sit on the Boards of Women Founders Network and Target Zero, as well as going to prison as often as I can with DEFY Ventures, which teaches entrepreneurism to incarcerated individuals. I'm a mentor for Techstars LA and Stubbs Alderton’s Precellerator.

    Strong believer in the golden rule.

  • Executive Coaching

    What Now, What Next?

    What is Executive Coaching?

    Executive Coaching (EC) is the facilitation of self-awareness and subsequent sustainable change with a professional focus.


    If you are facing a career transition (whether you want to or not), need to beef up your leadership or presentation skills (you're evolving from being a Founder to a CEO or are getting a promotion), hate difficult (but necessary) conversations, or you are stuck in a professional rut, EC may be a great approach for you to navigate towards favorable and sustainable choice and change.


    My EC Certification is through The Hudson Institute. The Hudson Institute’s coaching methodology is holistic in nature, backed by quantitative research/ROI stats, with a strong philosophy of coaching the “whole person.” It provides a strong methodology, while allowing the agility and flexibility necessary to create a unique approach for each person. The coaching relationship is one of deep trust and strict confidentiality. Coach and client are peers and partners in crime, working towards meeting the client’s agenda and objectives.

    What It's Not

    • Executive Coaching is not therapy, as it’s primarily focused on the now and your goals of the future, versus doing deep dives into your past. That said, where you are now and where you are going is inherently predicated by who you have been and where you came from. There will absolutely be times when realizations come through in coaching, with deep connections to your past. But rather than digging deeply into that past, we will use those realizations as a launching pad towards effecting change.
    • Mentoring and Consulting have overlap with coaching, however, both tend to be models where you are being told what to do by someone who is a subject matter expert, or simply someone with more experience than you. Executive Coaching is peer to peer. It’s a conversation where a neutral party (that would be me) can lead you to self-discovery and subsequent change.

    How it Works

    • First we have a freebie conversation to see what you are trying to tackle, and decide if we are well matched to facilitate that together.  If we decide to move forward in an EC engagement, we can discuss the frequency of meeting, cost, length of engagement, etc. We come up with a joint coaching contract and plan.
    • Then the fun begins….

    My Areas of Specialization & Focus

    • Entrepreneurs - especially if you need to transition from being a Founder to a CEO - think Richard on Silicon Valley
    • Leadership –  you name it, we can tackle it - improvement of presence, organization, team management, delegation, and other leadership skills – think Joffrey on Game of Thrones
    • Corporate Culture, Organization and Group Dynamics - think everyone on The Walking Dead
    • Women in Business - think Peggy on Mad Men
    • Career Coaching - think Walter on Breaking Bad
    • Pitch Coaching - think anyone who goes on Shark Tank
  • Values, Passions & Tidbits

    Or, how I got to where & who I am today...

    A Mini History

    I'm an LA native. Born at UCLA Medical Center, and grew up with the baby oil crew at Will Rodgers State Beach. Can't get much more native than that. Growing up, I was lucky enough to do well in all subjects, but was obsessed with art, reading, writing and all things creative as a kid. Then some practical switch flipped, and I ended up majoring in Math in college. Go figure.


    I seem to have a 15 year career itch, and have successfully transitioned to three careers (so far). Here is a quick summary of each:

    • Career Number 1: Technologist - In my Accenture (Andersen) "class picture", I was the one wearing the red silk shirt in a sea of gray suits.
    • Career Number 2: Technology & Executive Recruiter - I have always been a natural matchmaker. At the time I switched to recruiting, I knew I was done with technology, and figured I might as well give this a try. Worst case, I could just get myself a job if I didn't like it, right? :)
    • Career Number 3: Executive Coach & Advisor -  Pretty sure this one is going to put the 15-year itch out of business.

    Values, Passions and Random Tidbits


    • Golden Rule
    • Personal Freedom & Choice
    • Practice what you preach
    • Do what you say you're going to do
    • Be real, honest, trusting and trustworthy
    • Keep the mind open, and the critic in check
    • Always follow your intuition
    • Your way is your way, not the way


    • Natural curiosity about people
    • Wit - the dryer, the better
    • Helping others to find their creativity, passion and purpose
    • Dogs, Horses, MiniPigs and Dolphins
    • Unique thinkers and unique thoughts
    • The ocean
    • Words
    • LA KINGS - GKG!

    Random Tidbits:

    • I'm an introvert, but everyone thinks I'm an extrovert
    • I like to make up words
    • INFJ (no matter how many times I try to trick the test, I'm always INFJ)
    • Enneagram - main course of 2  (Helper) with a healthy side order of 3 (Achiever)
  • Over-Volunteering

    aka, my inability to say "no"

    Target Zero, Board of Directors

    Ending euthanasia of adoptable shelter animals, city by city

    Target Zero launched in January 2013, mentoring proven 'getting to zero' lifesaving strategies to leaders in Fellow Cities (at no charge) to help them get to zero euthanasia of all adoptable shelter animals. Waco, TX and Hunstville, AL became our first two Fellow Cities to hit zero in late 2015! We intend to end the euthanasia of adoptable shelter pets in the United States by 2025.

    Women Founders Network, Board of Directors, Pitch Coach & Fast Pitch Judge

    Building the female entrepreneur ecosystem

    Women Founders Network "WFN" is an accelerator that connects women building high-growth businesses with the tools and resources they need to achieve business success. Our flagship event is an Annual Fast Pitch Competition. Women Founders Network has directly granted (or invested) cash and prizes valued at approximately $250,000 into 11 different companies, in addition to introductions that raised more than $2M for our finalists.


    Incubator/Precellerator for 5-10 startups, providing mentorship, legal counsel & help in securing capital

    SAM's Preccelerator® Program is a new platform offered to select start-up companies that provides interim office space and sophisticated legal services, with the objective of helping startups grow ideas from business concept to funded startup. The Preccelerator® Program provides free co-working space and other perks for 5-10 promising young startups, including mentorship from startup experts in a variety of disciplines.

  • How'd I do?


    Executive Director, Project ECHO

    Professional quagmire

    Janine is a natural coach and after our first meeting was able to understand the complicated professional scenario that I found myself in. She has helped me think through several options and through our meetings provided guidance and options so that I could come to decisions that I own. I appreciate Janine’s intuitive nature and would highly recommend her to others seeking a coach.

    CEO, Technology Company

    Safe to share

    There's my stuff....just right there....out there. I felt safe sharing it with you, thank you.

    Business Dev Exec, Global Design Co

    Invoking and inviting

    Janine is phenomenal - she has a great way of posing questions that invoke reflection and invite pivoting. She possesses an innate talent to facilitate personal problem solving and her easy going nature makes the process of self-reflection a fun one!

    Kim Welton, Owner, XL Distribution

    The process with you was fun, powerful, holistic and authentic.

    I am honored and grateful for the coaching expertise and support I received from Janine over the past several months. Though initially I sought her professional coaching experience solely for my business, XL Distribution LLC (a networking and hardware resale company), we worked through many personal and relational challenges that had affected every aspect of my life.


    Janine guided me into areas I desperately needed to evaluate for my personal and professional life. Thank you Janine, for a gentle nudge at times, and a clear wake- up call at other times. The process with you was fun, powerful, holistic and authentic. I now have new tools and clearer perspective to guide this process, and I am very grateful.

  • Speaking & Writing & Quotes

    The Blah, Blah, Blah Section


    A few things I've spoken about....

    • Business Fundamentals Bootcamp - "Why Do People Quit?"
    • Silicon Beach Fest – “How to Find and Hire a Developer”
    • LA CTO Forum – “Tech Recruiting in LA – Statistics and Tricks”
    • BroadsCircle – “Getting to the C-Suite”
    • TheLadders – “Talent Acquisition in a Mobile World”
    • How to Hire a Developer with TechZulu
    • LAWEM Panel: Finding Getting and Keeping the CTO Developer You Want HD
    • Guest Lecturer at UCSB, College of Engineering’s Technology Management Program - Business Strategy and Leadership: "The Marketing Of You (Personal Branding)"
  • One Pagers

    Scoop on standard engagements

    Executive Coaching One Pager

    Putting the puzzle pieces in place ...

    Executive Coaching Package:


    A comprehensive Executive Coaching package consists of a series of 10 1-hour meetings (in person or phone), structured over the course of 3-6 months. The initial meeting will focus on the exploration of an individual’s unique challenges, goals and objectives, and from that, we will create a detailed plan of attack for the remaining 9 sessions. Some clients might be facing career transition, while others need to hone their leadership skills to step into a promotion. Here is a list which covers the potential topics we will draw from to handcraft your executive coaching plan.

    • Leadership skills
    • Executive Presence
    • Wanting to do what’s necessary to take career to the next level
    • Personal branding
    • Career transition
    • Ability to have difficult conversations
    • Challenging team dynamics
    • Feeling stuck in a professional rut
    • Work/Life balance
    • Adding things such as volunteerism into the mix

    Why Pick Me As Your Executive Coach?


    In addition to having over 20 years of experience in Human Resources/Executive Recruiting, I was and am a C-level Executive myself with experience in both startup/high growth as well as large corporate environments. I have been a Mentor, Coach, Advisor and Pitch Coach to startups and executives for years, with an Executive Coaching Certification from The Hudson Institute of Coaching. I’ve been exposed to just about every type of success and every type of faux pas you can imagine; that information drives the best practices I’ve developed to help you reach your professional objectives.

    Career Coaching One Pager

    What do I want to do with my life? ...

    Career Coaching Package:


    A comprehensive Career Coaching package consists of a series of 10 1-hour meetings (in person or phone), structured over the course of 3-6 months. The initial meeting will focus on the exploration of an individual’s unique career coaching goals, and from that, we will create a detailed plan of attack for the remaining 9 sessions. Some clients might need to focus on what they want to do next, while others are crystal clear on their intention, but they need more tactical help towards attaining their goal. Here is a list which covers the potential topics we will draw from to handcraft your career coaching plan.

    • What do I want to do with my life?
    • Personal branding
    • Resume & LinkedIn tune-ups
    • Identifying suitable positions, and optimizing the chance of landing an interview/job
    • Interviewing/presentation skills
    • How to answer tough questions
    • Compensation negotiation



    Why Pick Me As Your Career Coach?


    I’ve been on both sides of the hiring equation of over 20 years, hiring hundreds of resources while in leadership positions, as well as placing countless folks over the course of my career as an Executive and Technical Recruiter. I’ve been exposed to just about every type of success and every type of faux pas you can imagine; that information drives the best practices I’ve developed to optimize your ability to find the best career move for you at this time

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